The Wildcat Canyon Advanced Seminars began in 2004 as a joint research initiative between faculty at the Los Angeles and Berkeley campuses of the University of California. Initially conceived of as a forum for the exploration of advanced topics in Nordic literature, cultural studies, folklore, and film studies, the Seminars have grown in scope and intensity over the decade of their existence.

Participation in the Seminars is by invitation only.


One of the earliest desiderata of Seminar participants was the establishment of a high quality, rigorously refereed publication series that would allow for the in-depth exploration of complex topics that might not align with the emerging business-centered approach of many academic presses.

Over the past two years, the WCCAS has worked assiduously to develop these series.

The publication series of the WCCAS are as follows:

  • Occasional Monograph Series (includes festscrhiften)
  • Cultural Studies
  • Folklore
  • Mythology
  • Nordic Studies
  • Classic Studies Reprints

The WCCAS does not accept unsolicited manuscripts for inclusion in these series. Rather, WCCAS participants may choose to submit their own work or may nominate meritorious work for consideration.

The executive board of the WCCAS is comprised of the following founding members:

John Lindow

Mark Sandberg

Timothy R. Tangherlini

Terry Gunnell

Richard Hardack, Secretary

Further information about the seminars is provided to scholars invited to participate in the WCCAS.